Lebanon Satellite Internet Service

As we are well into the twenty-first century, most of us would be inclined to believe that dial-up is long forgotten. Sadly, this is not true. Most rural zones are isolated from the world these days, as modern technology has yet to enter these lands. People have to put up with incredibly slow Internet speeds, and Internet TV, for example, is a beautiful dream. This is where SkyDelta comes in, with our satellite Internet services for Lebanon.

The concept behind the technology is as straightforward as possible. With the use of a satellite dish, anyone can access the Internet from anywhere in the world. And this dish can be mounted on top of your house, office building, on top of your car, in an airplane or even on transport vessels. All you need is electrical power (a well stabilized generator will work, though) and a clear view of the sky. The satellite is geostationary (i.e. it remains in a fixed position on the Earth’s equatorial plane), so, once established, the satellite link remains permanent.

With a top speed of 3 megabits per second, our satellite Internet services for Lebanon can sound like a miracle to those still having to put up with the scratchy sounds of the 56,6 kilobit modem connecting over the phone line. And our 100% coverage can’t be beaten even by the latest 3G services offered by mobile carriers, as none of them can boast such exposure, not even with EDGE or even GPRS connections!

As a leader in satellite Internet services in Lebanon, we offer various customized connectivity plans, based on your needs, ranging from home users to corporations with remote offices. When deciding on a connection speed, keep in mind that you will be sharing it with your colleagues or family, so choose carefully. Nevertheless, our specialists will advise you towards choosing a suitable package.

Last, but not least, our tech support is unbeatable. We continuously improve our CRM specialists and pride ourselves in having one of the best help desks in the industry. We regularly monitor our customer satisfaction indicators, treat every single complaint with utmost attention and professionalism and make all possible efforts towards making every single client satisfied with our services.

Call us today and our specialists will help you decide the plan that best suits your needs and give you an estimate on when your new antenna can be installed.