Remote Maritime Satellite Communication

Remote maritime satellite communication services are of utmost importance when it comes to cargo vessels or ships carrying people across continents. SkyDelta has had adequate experience in designing satellite communication systems for your fleet of ships, no matter what your requirements are. Owing to our services, most of our clients have been able to keep a track of their ships accurately over foreign waters. Remote maritime systems come in handy, especially in the case of an emergency.

We have a good line-up of satellite communication products and we, as a company, are capable of fulfilling all your remote maritime satellite communication needs- from designing and installation to maintenance, we can cover it all for you. Apart from indigenously designed tailor made products, we have the expertise to install and maintain popular products, already existing in the field of satellite communication.

Our products are deigned to help you in navigation, communication and keeping track of your position on a global basis. Using dependable satellite links for remote maritime communication, we have designed products for you that you can trust.

There are various business oriented systems that would help you in taking care of your enterprise, while on the move. Design and successful implementation of innovative products, enabling the crew leader to transmit messages to other crew members at different locations in the sea and keeping in a close touch, are some of the salient features of our company. Obviously, you can perform basic communication functions such as sending and receiving VOIP calls, with our satellite communication systems in place.

Thoughtfully built interfaces and embedded software help the crewmembers in making the most of their communication devices. Due to an efficiently built network management system, it is imperative that you switch to our remote maritime systems in order to stay connected with your fleet.