Rural High Speed Broadband Internet

SkyDelta has a strong focus on bringing high speed internet to rural areas using satellite communication technologies. Rural areas are, and have been on our scanner for quite some time now, because they not only need connectivity, but they are also relatively remote to have normal cable-based connections. Our company has also evolved special packs for farmers and casual farm tourists. We have also been working closely to form small private networks among farmers in order to assist them in day to day trading.

Rural areas, especially in developing countries, are a reservoir of unused, raw talent, which can only be explored and used if it is easily accessible. In the light of these and similar realizations, we have come up with many innovative products, assisting remote rural-folk to be universally connected to the rest of the world. In developed countries, such as the US, farmers are doing better in their farming and agri business, and our systems are assisting them in getting fair deals with their clients on an ongoing basis.
People are constantly switching over to satellite based high speed internet, even in those areas which have been connected via dialup connections. There are many reasons for this popular shift in trends. One of the main and the most important reasons is the fact that satellite connection allows for greater mobility. If you have a large farm, you will not have to be stuck at one place if you need to surf the net. With the satellite services, you can maintain your mobility, and still be connected.

We are also soliciting offers from large organizations which are interested in taking high speed internet to those rural areas which have had slow connections till now. Some of our business partners have established internet ‘hubs’, which are more like rural internet cafes. In countries like India, china and some other developing countries, there is one hub per dozen villages, connecting them to the rest of the world. Our company has come up with innovative packages for rural high speed internet, which can be modified and tweaked to cater to special purposes like agri-farming or just act as generic personal internet connections.