Satellite Internet Services Provider

Satellite internet services can give your business a boost like no other internet service. Technological advancements are taking place with leaps and bounds; especially in the field of telecommunication. Satellite based communications are the latest innovations to have taken the world of communications with a storm. Our company therefore, has engineered some great and innovative products based on satellite telephony and internet service in order to give you the best of the latest in technology.

Satellite internet services offer you an awesome connection speed, coupled with great bandwidth. There are various packages being offered by our company, and would depend upon your needs and the workload of your organization. We also offer personalized internet service. Some of the most common satellite based internet service speeds are 2MBPS download with a 512KBPS upload and, 1MBPS download with 300KBPS upload for businesses and a combination of 700KBPS download speed with 128KBPS upload speed for personal satellite internet service connections.

Although cable based internet service systems are supposed to be more reliable in terms of stability, yet, satellite internet services offer a greater range of bandwidth, which is impossible to achieve in the case of cables. We have also developed satellite based internet service systems which can reach even the remotest of areas on this planet. Rural areas in many developing countries are not connected using cables, even today. Satellite based internet service is perfect for such areas, and our SkyDelta, has all the expertise needed to establish such connections.

You would require two modems for a satellite based internet connection, and we take care of the installations. We have also tried to negate the harmful effects of weather and external conditions on the speed and the ability of our internet service and promise to provide you internet service at par with the International standards.