The SkyDelta User Terminal provides broadband data, voice and video connectivity in a highly integrated cost-effective platform. SkyDelta combines the latest satellite communication technology to deliver unprecedented efficiency, performance and value.

In the forward channel, SkyDelta utilizes the new DVB-S2 standard to achieve near Shannon Limit efficiencies over a wide range of operating conditions. A DVB-RCS based, turbo code powered MF-TDMA return link delivers the highest return channel efficiency in the industry. Overall data and voice network capacity are maximized with support for both Adaptive Lossless Data Compression and VoIP header compression.

An integrated microprocessor provides critical networking functionality and high per terminal throughput. SkyDelta includes a TCP/IP accelerator, and a NAT router with Firewall, DHCP, RIP, and VoIP QoS capabilities. Network management is supported via SNMP and HTML protocols. A true multi-media platform, SkyDelta provides IGMP V2 support for multicast video.



Bandwidth Efficiency

  • DVB-S2 provides 35%+ increase in forward channel capacity / throughput relative to DVB-S (more than doubles capacity in many applications)
  • 50% reduction in terminal antennal size or required ODU RF power
  • Reduced satellite transponder requirements greatly lower network operational costs
  • Reduced RF power requirements lowers overall terminal costs & increases reliability

Compression Technology

  • ALDC provides an average of 1.5:1 compression on typical ISP-type
    traffic (increasing data throughput by 50%)
  • cRTP VoIP header compression doubles network voice capacity

Highly Integrated Design

  • Internal Router
  • Internal Power Supply supports up to 5W BUC
  • Integrated TCP/IP Accelerator
  • Lowers cost of overall connectivity solution and reduces terminal “box count”

Network Management

  • Remote configuration & monitoring
  • Remote software download

DVB-S2 Compliant Forward Link

  • Near Shannon-Limit Performance
  • Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM)
  • 0.1 - 30 Msps Symbol Rates
  • QPSK, 8-PSK, and 16-APSK
  • 4 Mbps TCP/IP Throughput perTerminal
  • Higher UDP/IP Throughput

MF-TDMA Return Link

  • DVB-RCS Physical Layer
  • Low Overhead
  • 100– 1600 ksps Symbol Rates
  • QPSK & 8 APSK
  • 2 Mbps Throughput per Terminal

Integrated Microprocessor

  • Adaptive Lossless Data Compression
  • cRTP VoIP Header Compression
    (RFC 2508)
  • VoIP QoS
  • TCP/IP Accelerator
  • NAT Router
  • Firewall, DHCP & RIPv2
  • SNMP & HTML Network Management

Ethernet & USB User Interfaces

Standard L-band RF Interface

  • Supports C, Ku & Ka band ODUs