Wireless VPN Solutions

VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks and is used to provide closely knit connectivity over longer distances; therefore, we can consider VPN as a tool for implementing WANs (Wise Area Networks). Our company specializes in providing wireless VPN solutions for you and your business. These solutions are designed to give you total connectivity with your respective partners over a longer distance using satellite links.

The need for wireless VPN systems has been felt over the last few years, with more and more companies wanting their employees to telecommute. Our company, SkyDelta, has studied the needs of various companies and designed products that let your employees travel, while staying connected to each other at the same time. Our company has vast experience in designing systems allowing for protected internet access for corporate houses. Most of the wireless VPN solutions designed by us are based on the client-server model. The steps through which our wireless VPN systems works, are described below-

  1. A remote client that wants to connect to the company’s server, logs onto a general ISP first
  2. A VPN connection to the company’s private server is initiated by the client
  3. Once, the client is connected to the host using a remote VPN system installed in the server, the client and the host can communicate over the internet, just as if it were a private internet wireless connection.

The cost of setting up a personalized wireless VPN system solution provided by SkyDelta is also low as compared to a leased telephone line over the longer run. Using satellite links, our company’s mission is to give you great VPN solutions, which go the distance in maintaining the mobility of your employees, without compromising on the connectivity.